Who We Are ?

Our refrigerated warehouse facility was established in 1999. Currently it has a whopping total capacity of 32000 metric tonnes. It focuses mainly on the concept of time utility. All the food that we consume is perishable in nature. About 40 percent of food in the supply chain is wasted due to lack of proper infrastructure for storage. Considering the fact that all food is not consumed as soon as it is produced, it needs to stored at an optimum temperature to maintain its quality. We offer exactly this.

Our Aim

We bridge the gap between production and consumption. However, we are not only about preserving produce but also connecting the grower with the market. Please click the  about us link to get an in depth understanding of what we do and have to offer.

Why us ?

With the broadest product portofoilio to offer, intuitive and cutting edge technology imported from Netherlands, experience of 20 years, skilled technical and clerical staff, we strive to achieve perfection.

Strict temp. compliance
Check real time temp. data online
Standard palletized storage
Strategic location



Awesome Image

We use this third generation storage computer with a graphic touchscreen for a clear overview of all data and results. It helps to do a precise analysis and prepare detailed status reports. Usage of imported technology such as this exemplifies our approach towards automation and perfection.

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We deploy this compact humidification control unit to achieve unprecedented results.

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